The User_Generated Content Chronicles: IBM and your cheeks

Now, here's user-generated content (UGC) taken to a new level. IBM has a program going with National Geographic called the "Genographic Project." Most marketers who have dabbled with UGC ask their online communities to submit a video or a design or to write something. IBM and Nat'l G. are asking for participants to submit a cheek swab to help map global DNA patterns. They're actually selling the kits to swab your cheeks with for a hundred bucks. Interesting, but bizarre.

Interesting that IBM is also trying to share their marketing with the masses, by making it fun. Check out System i Cafe and Angus the IT Chap. This is separate and distinct to the "System i Resource Center" that lives on their website.


  1. Thanks for the post of my website (angustheitchap.com).

    This is my personal and independent website, and not in any way connected to IBM. My efforts are designed to have fun with some marketing for the System i platform - without any restrictions from IBM themselves.

    Trevor Perry

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Glad to have that info before our presentation goes in front of the VP of Marketing.


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