Mozilla Prism

Mozilla (the makers of the Firefox browser) has announced a new app called Prism that is an alternative to Adobe AIR for making desktop applications that pull content and services from the web. This is more evidence of the "browser blur" trend I've talked about here before.

Cool tool.


Addy Awards for Traction

The SF Ad Club has awarded Traction a Gold ADDY for the Livescribe Never Miss A Word campaign in the Online Campaign category. The campaign leverages social networks like Facebook and YouTube and a microsite called nevermissaword.com to promote the Pulse smartpen. The effort features a fake organization called "The Livescribe Institute" that has invented Pulse as a cure for a mythical malady called "Restless Mind Syndrome" that has symptoms like being distracted or bored. One video that has had over 60,000 hits on YouTube alone shows a college student being distracted by a tattoo poking out of his sexy teacher's g-string. He is startled back to reality when the tattoo appears to start talking to him. The punchline: since the Livescribe Pulse smartpen records audio, you'll never miss a word.

The agency will be presented with the award on March 20 at the ADDY Awards Gala, along with a gold ADDY award in the Web Sites, Consumer Flash category for their work on the ZoneAlarm ForceField microsite.