Third Life

Just checked out this link to a blog post on alternatives to Second Life. Great overview of online virtual worlds that are emerging out there:



The results are in!

The results of the Polk Village tag line contest are in. Our colorful neighborhood as a new T-shirt to wear. Or bear.

The proud winner: our illustrious roommate, Jo Ann Pacho, of SubTraction Creative Staffing. Following this honor, Jo Ann will now be sourcing herself out as a freelance copywriter.

Here is the winner and runner's up and other entries (number of votes in parentheses). There were definitely some running themes that began to emerge. Can you find them? (NOTE: if you find vulgarity or profanity unpleasant or offensive, please stop reading now. Please.)

The winner:
Polk Village. Don't look down, just keep walking. (8)

1st runner up:
Polk Village. A nice place to shit in the city. (5)

2nd runner up:
Polk Village. Urban blight never looked so good. (4)

Polk Village. A pig in a Polk is more than just a dude in a camisole. I mean it includes that, but it could also be like bacon or something. (3-1/2)
Polk Village. An ass-load of fun. (3)
Polk Village. That's not gentrification, that's a MAN! (3)
Polk Village. Where the loin gets polked. (3)

Polk Village. Because Nob Hill is full. (2)
Polk Village. The Flavor of San Francisco. (2)
Polk Village. Dude, not dude... (2)
Polk Village. A Tenderloin boy in a Nob Hill dress. (2)
Polk Village. Please curb your ho. (1)
Polk Village. When it rains, it makes its own gravy. (1)
Polk Village. Walk. Talk. Polk. (1)
Polk Village. Go to your happy place. (1)
Polk Village. Surprisingly filling. (1)

Polk Village. Home to divas and a bar called Divas
Polk Village. Rock out with your cock out. Literally.
Polk Village. Everything you want. And a few things you don't.
Polk Village. Open to interpretation.
Polk Village. Yes, that is a penis on your prostitute.
Polk Village. At least there's good food.
Polk Village. (Hacienda del Polk was taken)
Polk Village. More bars in more places.
Polk Village. Gentrify or die.
Polk Village. Panhandler's paradise.
Polk Village. A whole new twist.
Polk Village. Woe the humanity. Whoa! The humanity.
Polk Village. Where the locals go global.
Polk Village. We're Number Two.

And my personal favorite:

Polk Village. Because it takes a village to raise a strung-out transexual prostitute.