where are we going...

Thinking out loud about what makes us different:

There's a new breed of digital consumer out there: They're the Millenials, the generation that has come of age since 2000 (the largest generation this country has ever seen and the first to have grown up with technology as a native to their life); the "omnivores," who consume technology voraciously and are active participants in the collaborative economy; and the businesses that see technological innovation as key to success in the new collaborative economy.

Traction was an interactive shop from the start. For a dozen years, we've thinking about how to build and nurture online communities, how to extend interactions beyond the "digital barrier," how to integrate online and offline communications and, yes, how to get people to "click here."

So, we see things differently.

To us, interactive doesn't equate to "the web" because the mindset of this new digital consumer doesn't change when they close their browser. They react to interactivity—online and offline. There is a constant flow of new technology changing the marketing landscape. We understand the implications of new vehicles intuitively. At the core of this all are interactions that connect and reconnect with today's new digital consumer. We design these interactions.