Addy Awards for Traction

The SF Ad Club has awarded Traction a Gold ADDY for the Livescribe Never Miss A Word campaign in the Online Campaign category. The campaign leverages social networks like Facebook and YouTube and a microsite called nevermissaword.com to promote the Pulse smartpen. The effort features a fake organization called "The Livescribe Institute" that has invented Pulse as a cure for a mythical malady called "Restless Mind Syndrome" that has symptoms like being distracted or bored. One video that has had over 60,000 hits on YouTube alone shows a college student being distracted by a tattoo poking out of his sexy teacher's g-string. He is startled back to reality when the tattoo appears to start talking to him. The punchline: since the Livescribe Pulse smartpen records audio, you'll never miss a word.

The agency will be presented with the award on March 20 at the ADDY Awards Gala, along with a gold ADDY award in the Web Sites, Consumer Flash category for their work on the ZoneAlarm ForceField microsite.

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