Comm Arts Interactive Annual 2

Is this the same bat station? Wow. Guess it is.
    State Farm: nowwhat.com
  1. This is kind of relevant for me because I just sat down with a big agency in town we've done some work for (won't say which one, but I will say it's pretty drafty in here) and I guess consulted with them about what's the latest in online advertising for a pitch they are giving to a major insurance industry client. The client is a metrics junkie and won't invest in anything that does not directly show proven ROI. Not exactly visionary stuff, but this site is a good example of how a company can provide a branded experience that provides value and a chance to connect with people AND direct response opportunities (Get a quote, etc.) that "justify" the cost for marketers with metrics on the brain.

  2. Delayed response: If you click on a page and don't do anything after about 30 seconds you get to watch a little disaster (a tree falls on your car, TV blows up in your apartment).

  3. Wasn't too impressed with how they pulled some it off graphically (inconsistent shadows, an llustrated dent in your car that doesn't match the photo it's supposed to be part of), but I'm a tough audience. Don't think my wife would make that comment.

    Mini: Roof Studio
  1. I've seen this site before, and I gotta tell you, I just don't get it. I mean, I know technically, it's pretty impressive and it is all "ooh, aah, user-generated content," but what goood is user-generated content if no one gives a shit about the content.

  2. Click to view roof: But this is supposed to be about details. When you roll over cars, it has copy instructions telling you what to do next. Good UI element. Also like that the UI copy follows your mouse. Nice touch.

  3. Cursor Help On/Off: I also like that you can shut this feature off if it bugs you.

  4. Hidden navigation being site logo (ROOFSTUDIO): Again, this shows respect for your audience by saying, we know you're intelligent enough to find this if you need it.

  5. Rollover sounds: little tap-taps add to visual rollover cues.

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