Sun gets branding

I spent the morning at a "Brand Training Event" for Sun Microsystems. They're one of our clients. I think it's pretty cool to see a company do stuff like this around their brand. One of the guys (Ronan Dunlop) from Traction wha was with me. worked on the Sun account at Lowe & Partners about 10 years ago and says Sun was a completely different world back then. They used to say things like, "We don't care about brand. We know who we are." Great, but do your customers?

Well, it seems like they do now (Sun recently got a lot of press when they surpassed Dell to become #3 in the server market). I was talking to Sun's creative director, Glenn Martinez, this morning and he told me that he got Scott McNealy to buy into the brand vision thing by describing it as a science: branding is the engineering of perception. That was something the tech guys could grasp and in the last three years the company has completely taken control of their brand.

They've also got a cool new audio logo. You'll hear it soon. (yes, that is my first bit of breaking blog news)

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