Twitter Twips from SouthWest Air

If you weren't aware, I'm a complete Twitterholic. It seems, the rest of the crew at Traction is too. So, I was very pleased to be able to check out the session on Twitter at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Florida last week. The presentation was from Christi Day, the Online Spokesperson and Emerging Media Specialist from Southwest Airlines and Rodney Rumford (@rumford), the CEO of Gravitational Media and author of "Twitter as a Business Tool." It was a great session and I twittered the whole time.

Thought I'd compile my top 5 tweets here because there were some really great tips:

adamkleinberg: #imediasummit southwest air made sure they learned how to use twitter first... Use twitpic retweet @ msgs to followers

adamkleinberg: #imediasummit sw air says be fun, be real (but don't tweet about ur cat)

adamkleinberg: #imediasummit sw air uses twitter to release news before press release (but admits to twitter filter)

adamkleinberg: #imediasummit headlines help. Report all your good news.

adamkleinberg: #imediasummit sw air uses twiterfon, twitalyzer, 24-7 active, but don't let it control you, don't seek out and respond to gripers, respo ...

Twenjoy these twips.

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