Original Vision

I was just playing around with the Wayback Machine and found Traction's first website from back in 2001. Thought it was funny how our original (quite flowery) vision statement still really fits much of what we believe today. Thought I'd share:

We, as media professionals, are in a time of flux. As technology and advertising coincide, and social, political and economic trends shift, the messenger often becomes the message. Or the other way around. As these lines blur in communion, the audience comes into sharp focus: who they are, what they want. Our accuracy must be dead-on.

Messaging must be concise, relevant and compelling. The user experience rises to the forefront of consequence. A clearly defined benefit is imperative - a catchy tagline or jingle will not suffice. Simply put, a unique human insight must be presented to the consumer at all points of contact.

Traction is gripping power. In every aspect of our enterprise, we seek to arrest consumer consciousness. We create work with velocity and motion - a purposeful direction and a means to fulfillment. We use straightforward thinking to forge results through an ever-fluctuating societal landscape. Our clients are our partners. We strive to make their businesses succeed by providing the tools and the voice to ensure that their message is heard.

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