Spoke too soon (MacWorld)

OK, so while the energy wasn't quite what it was in MacWorld's past, but there were a couple of cool things I saw before I left. My faves:

Flow from Gridiron Software - This is some pretty cool software. It basically tracks any files you touch and allows you to manage your assets on a project, without changing how you work at all. So if you open something in Photoshop, paste it into illustrator, export it as an eps, import it into Flash export, add some video and create a Flash movie, you can see all those files and the fonts linked together visually. You can archive them (similar to how you'd collect for output in InDesign, but from an end file) and even see in the amount of time that was spent in each of those files so you can have a to-the-minute view of how much time was spent on a project. Very cool.

The Modbook from Axiotron - A Tablet MacBook. What more can I say?

And if you're going to the last day of the conference today, my pick for Best Tradeshow Schwag is Roxio, who not only gave me a stack of DVD-ROMs, but actually answered my question, "why does this company still exist?" (Answer: they've got a special deal so you can burn what you tape on your TiVo to DVD)

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