Don Epperson from Havas DIgital

On stage at iMedia, the CEO of Havas Digital says budgets are up 15% for interactive their. Told about one client that just shifted huge portion of TV budget to online video. Don's topic is "Evolving toward the agency of the future." A few of the things he's saying"

  • branding and strategy are more important than ever
  • optimization is part of what planning is becoming
  • large agencies will act like the large sophisticated media networks (my 2 cents: why not? seems like the media nets like Platform-A and NBC are doing creative)
  • tech providers will enable this for small agencies. big ones will create their own technology.
  • talking about a model where every individual cookie is evaluated and an automated bidding process puts a value on reaching every unique individual
  • moving from a placement value (your typical CPM) to an impression value (unique person)
Overall, it seems like no one's eyes are closed about the tough times ahead, but a lot of optimism about the potential for innovative companies to thrive. 

Makes me feel good about prospects for Traction.

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