Web 2.1?

Listening in for "the buzz" at the Web 2.0 Summit here. A couple things I'm hearing a lot about are:

widgetization - clearly Adobe is going to capitalize this with AIR, but the idea that your web apps should be portable is full-on across the board.

open APIs - this is kind of a no-brainer with the prevalence of Facebook platform (they asked the room how many people were involved in some way with a Facebook app when Zuck was on stage and about 70% of the people in the room raised their hand!). Speakers who are not opening their platforms were being chided onstage by their interviewers (Meg Whitman from eBay for example).

presence - the concept of presence is on a lot of lips. This is what Twitter is all about. People microblogging their every move online. This sounds like a flash in the plan to grown-ups, but AOL and Microsoft are talking about it and so are a lot people here. Going to be in the Wired/Tired/Expired column soon.

Facebook - did I mention Facebook?

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  1. Adam,

    have you seen my post on TinyApps? Curious to hear your feedback.

    Also, have you seen GOOG's Social Web Commandments?

    What are your thoughts on OpenSocial vs Fb?


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