Facebook as a Platform

Watching a panel of guys from companies that have been successful on Facebook. Really psyched about this b/c Traction is developing programs and applications for two clients right now.

Representatives from FoodFight, iLike and a few others are up there.

Food Fight guy: the reason Food Fight is successful is because people are able to do things that they can't do in real life. Like throw a peanut butter sandwich at you.

iLike guy: A lot of the apps are "light-hearted" and fun, but this doesn't mean that's how things will be. The platform is only 4 months old.

Slide guy: 60-70% of Facebook users have a Slide app on their profile! Their first batch of apps was a failure, so they went back and created new ones based on what they learned users wanted. Note to self: Study this model.

Food Fight guy: If legacy big businesses don't let go of their website models and jump in to theses social network platforms, they're going to be let behind.

RockYou guy: within each locale there is one social network that dominates. In some that will be Facebook, in others it will be different ones.

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