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Here we go. My blog. Ya.

This blog is brought to you by AK Fresh. Today's post will be brief.

First, my blog credentials: When it comes to putting it out there, I'm O.G. Way back in 1997 or 1998, I started writing Outrage. I would head up to the Gold Cane in the Haight, have a couple of double Jameson's on the rocks and start scribbling like a madman about whatever pissed me off. Then I'd stumble home with a fist full of bar napkins and type whatever I had written on my computer (hand-coded HTML, none of this modern blogspot fanciness) and post it to nunzi.com. You can still find it on the Way Back Machine. Click on "Outrage Archive" in the left nav to read some of that stuff.

I also had a brief stint writing Gnomeless People when someone stole my gnome and starting mailing me Polaroids.

I've been on hiatus quite a while.

AK Fresh is not the first name I tried to get for this blog. I may trash it on a later date if something better comes along. Here's the list of names I tried to get and why, but were already taken on blogspot.com (apparently, just about everything seems to be taken)

This Ad Sucks (thisadsucks.blogspot.com) - That's what I do now. I run a creative agency that does advertising, web stuff, branding, marketing strategy, yadda, yadda and yadda. I've got lots of opinions and I pretty much foresee this blog being about very sundry topics in the advertising and marketing world. The name, unfortunately, didn't work out.

Nunzi (nunzi.blogspot.com) - When my dad was a kid in the Bronx, his first job was running the numbers for three bookies named Nunzi, Funzi and Guido. When he had kids, I became Nunzi. When I moved to SF and got my first email adam@sirius.com was taken, so I took nunzi@sirius.com. Now, a lot of folks call me Nunzi (particularly ones who knew me before I had kids). Taken.

Outrage (outrage.blogspot.com) - See my little story above.

Outrage 2.0 (Outrage2.0.blogspot.com) - You can't put a . in a url

Fustercluck (fustercluck.blogspot.com) - Just how I was feeling at the moment.

AK Fresh (akfresh.blogspot.com) - The winner. Back when I was in junior high, AK Fresh was my rap name. I kid you not. I had a refrigerator box that me and my homies (Big B, Divine D and Jazzy J) all graffitied our rap names on and dragged out into the street to practice our break dance moves. I was very into rap in 8th grade. I think I was the only Jewish kid at Spring Valley Junior High with fat shoelaces and my very own refrigerator box in the garage, but I have no way of confirming that.

Alright, I'm going to bed.

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