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Consumers are empowered with the choice to consume media -- and embrace brands -- on their own terms. Use these techniques to give them a reason to choose yours.

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  1. Excellent article. I was intrigued enough to go through all things Traction. I thought you were very insightful and articulate about a challenge I've been working through with a client of mine here in Seattle. Convincing them that relevancy, value and design of strategy rather than reactionary tech muck apps created just for creation's sake is a like walking a tight rope. Everytime JibJab comes out with a new RIA I wince knowing they'll be asking for the exact same thing only with their brand - believe me, not relevant for them. Thanks for the goodness and I now have a great article to send them that will be a polite "in yo face suckas" because you said it so much better than I can.


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