A new era - a new neighborhood - a new contest

Just one more day until Traction's latest creative contest has a winner! I can't wait. I'll post all entries when we have a winner. Here are the rules emailed out to the team:

I don't know if you guys noticed, but apparently our dear neighborhood has been re-branded—and nobody consulted with us! What we so lovingly have referred to as the Tender Nob is now being labeled Polk Village with banners all over Polk Street. We also have a tag line:

Polk Village. A great place to live, work, shop.

As the pre-eminent advertising creative agency of Polk Village, I think we should have say. Therefore, we are having a contest to write the new Polk Village tag line. A $50 gift certificate to Bev-Mo goes to the winner. The rules:

Each entrant can submit a MAXIMUM of three tag lines. You must decide what the best lines are.
Please tape your entries to the big wall under the stairs.
- all entries should be printed 1 to an 8-1/2x11 page, landscape, centered, helvetica bold 30 pt font
- you must adhere to these standards or your entry will be disqualified.
- write your name in pencil on the back of the entry. Again, 3 entries MAX
- each member of the Traction community (this is a web 2.0 world we live in) can initial their top 3 favorite entries
- if you initial 4, none of your favorites will count in the voting
- you may not change an initial once it has been affixed to an entry, so take your time voting, but also get your entries in early
- the entry with the most votes at 4:00pm on the nose on June 29 wins the $50 gift certificate.
- "Polk Village. It's Tranny-riffic!" is already taken.

PEANUT GALLERY AMENDMENT: If you have a problem or issue with the rules of this contest—shut the fuck up, start your own contest and then you can make the rules. Theo.


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